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private music instruction for adults & children

Current Featured Instrument is Guitar. Only $50 an hour for first 4 months of on-going weekly lessons. See details to the right.

The West Hollywood Academy of Music is dedicated to the enjoyment and benefits gained from high quality, national and state music education standards-based, music instruction.

WHAM is a small student-focused music school located in West Hollywood, CA. By providing high quality music instruction at a reasonable cost, we believe the student and/or parent will be more likely than not to stick with it. Every student is brought along at their own pace but with planned goals, standards, and assessments, to insure their time and money is not being wasted.

Our high standards begin with our teachers; all our teachers have at least a bachelor's degree in music from a regionally accredited university. Singing lessons in vocal techniques are only given by teachers that hold their music degree(s) in voice and vocal pedagogy. We do not engage in the common practice of, for example, using piano teachers (with no degree in voice and vocal pedagogy) as voice teachers.

Whether the student is learning music for enjoyment and life enrichment or preparing to someday become a professional musician and/or acceptance into a regionally accredited music program, we are equipped and prepared to tailor each individual student’s program of study.

No Registration Fee

When it comes to cost, here are a few reasons to choose WHAM:

1. We do not charge as much as other music schools in our area.

2. We do not charge a registration fee.

3. Current Special: Featured instrument hour lessons for only $50 and hour for the first 4 months after you start your first weekly lesson. After 4 months, you will be charged the regular rate. The current featured instrument offer ends July 31st, 2014. Anyone taking weekly GUITAR lessons before July 31st, 2014 will only pay $50 an hour for the first 4 months of weekly lessons from the date they begin!



All private lessons are scheduled on an individual basis. Instructors conduct lessons weekly at a set time for 60, 45, and 30 minutes. Your monthly pre-paid registration reserves your time slot. All weekly lessons for the month must be paid on or before the first scheduled lesson of the month.